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The Double Filtration Adsorption therapy (introduced by Aferetica) is a combined treatment of the plasma coming from a plasma filter or centrifuge using a fractionation filter and a sorbent cartridge.

After being purified of high- and medium-molecular-weight molecules by means of a filtration process (see Double Filtration), the noble part of the plasma rich in substances such as albumin is rerouted to the patient. Along its way, an adsorbent cartridge removes the specific low-molecular-weight molecules, for example cytokines.

This therapy allows combining the benefits of reduced blood viscosity with the consequent improvement in microcirculation with those of purification by adsorption of molecules such as cytokines related to the inflammatory process.

Like the other rheopheresis methods, this treatment does not infuse replacement substances and is therefore biocompatible and well-tolerated by the patient.


PlasmApher performs the following therapies:

1. Plasmapheresis

2. Reopheresis:

(Plasma separated via centrifuge or plasma filter)

a) Double Filtration

b) Selective Apheresis

c) Double Filtration Adsorption (*)

3. Hemoperfusion



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