The Double Filtration treatment purifies the plasma obtained by filtration or centrifugation by means of a second filter, known as fractionation filter.

The plasma is conveyed into the fibres of the fractionation filter placed in cascade, determining sequestration inside it of all the molecules above the molecular weight corresponding to the fractionator cut-off.

Filters with different cut-off are available to obtain different separation profiles.
The noble part of the plasma rich in substances such as albumin is rerouted to the patient.

Each time the fractionation filter fills with high-molecular-weight molecules, the system tangentially flushes the filter and regenerates it, all this done fully automatically in a few seconds.

The reduction in blood viscosity determines an improvement in the systemic blood flow and consequently an improvement in microcirculation. Double Filtration is to be considered a therapeutic option for all diseases where there is reduced microcirculation and in all microcirculatory disorders.


PlasmApher performs the following therapies:

1. Plasmapheresis

2. Reopheresis:

(Plasma separated via centrifuge or plasma filter)

a) Double Filtration

b) Selective Apheresis

c) Double Filtration Adsorption (*)

3. Hemoperfusion



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