LDL APHERESIS is a selective treatment performable on plasma or whole blood thanks to the use of dextran sulphate beads (synthetic sulphurated polymer) already successfully tested since the eighties.
Depending on the characteristics of the matrix, dextran sulphate can be used on both plasma and whole blood; the matrix pores allow selective removal based on the size of the target molecules.

LDL APHERESIS ON PLASMA: The plasma separated from the whole blood by centrifugation or filtration is conveyed to a column containing cellulose beads coated with dextran sulphate.
Lipoproteins, in particular the positively charged alipoprotein B-100, are electrostatically bound to the negatively charged dextran sulphate. The size of the cellulose beads optimises contact of the lipoproteins with the dextran.

LDL APHERESIS ON WHOLE BLOOD: You can work on whole blood with direct hemoperfusion. Different-sized beads ensure hemocompatibility such as to allow working in this area simplifying the procedures.


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