Sepsis should be treated quickly and effectively, as soon as it is detected.

Currently, the key points in the treatment of sepsis are as follows:

  • Identification and treatment of the infectious cluster, using first-line, broad-spectrum antibiotics and/or surgical procedures;
  • Where applicable, use of drugs capable of reducing systemic inflammation
  • Prevention of MODS by early and adequate infusion of fluids and vasopressors
  • Nutritional support

Other treatments that may be needed include:

  • Dialysis/CRRT, in the case of kidney failure
  • Mechanical/artificial ventilation, in the case of respiratory failure

In order to modulate the immune response, characterizing the development and evolution of sepsis, an attempt should be made to stem the widespread and uncontrolled propagation of inflammatory mediators, and in particular of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines, in order to mitigate the cytokine storm.

Aferetica proposes a new adjuvant therapy in both early and late treatment of Sepsis and its evolution that can stop the cytokine storm, manage critical situations, while preserving organs, improving the patient’s haemodynamics and buying time for the identification and control of the infection itself.

Immune Confusion

CytoSorb treatment helps to “unmask” the true site of infection, allowing better white blood cell targeting and improved bacterial clearance at the site of infection, while preventing indiscriminate cell-mediated organ injury.

Widespread inflammation = Organ injury




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