We are an innovative startup, recognised as such on regional and national level, founded by operators and managers with decades of experience in dialysis, intensive care, cardiology, and medical devices in general.

We have strongly and physically set up in the incubator of the Biomedical District of Mirandola.

This district has the knowledge, technologies, enterprises and production capacities that allow us to quickly and efficiently develop therapies and products giving new stimulus and creating new jobs.

We can tap the wealth of the wide network of skills and knowledge branching out around the Po Valley: from the universities to the research institutions and to the hospitals, from Emilia Romagna to all of Italy and Europe.

All the known medical device innovations and the therapies based on them spring from ideas and activities carried out in collaboration between industries, clinicians, academicians and researchers across the world, but first and foremost, from Italy and Europe.

The Aferetica partners have always believed that this is the only road that leads to real and concrete innovation and have with their activities contributed to the growth of collaborative research, and want to make it the building block of the company.

For these reasons, Aferetica has chosen to stay within the incubator side by side with the Technopole established with the mission of being the aggregation point of interdisciplinary skills of the territory.



Mauro Atti

Chief Executive Officer

Born in Bologna on 20 August 1953, graduated in chemistry at the University of Bologna.

After his period at university, during which he also worked in personnel administration, he gained thirty years’ experience in dialysis and therapeutic apheresis.

He was employed by the Gambro Group for 18 years, where he worked his way up to become Marketing Director of the Hospal brand, first in Italy and then worldwide.

He worked for Bellco for over 10 years simultaneously covering the role of Sales & Marketing Director and Scientific Director

He has also produced more than 100 publications on blood purification.


Stefano Rimondi

Founding Partner

Born in Bologna on 8 March 1948, graduated in engineering, he has in the course of his career played a frontline role in major biomedical companies such as:

  • Chief Executive Officer of Bellco S.r.l., which under his management qualified as one of the most innovative and successful companies in the Italian panorama.
  • Chief Executive Officer of Sorin Group Italia S.p.A., a company of the Sorin Group, market leader in the sector of blood treatment, cardiology, therapeutic apheresis.
  • Renal Therapy Business Unit Manager of the Baxter Group for Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal.

Currently, Stefano Rimondi is the Past President of Assobiomedica, the Confindustria association that brings together all the companies operating in the biomedical, diagnostic and electromedical sector in general.



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