Leucapher is a simple multi-therapeutic platform, designed to perform extracorporeal treatments directly on whole blood in patients suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD), or others with inflammatory substrate:

  • Leukocyte apheresis
  • Hemoperfusion with predilution

The aim is to promote adsorption from the bloodstream of leukocytes, both neutrophils and lymphocytes or monocytes, as well as one part of platelets, thus modulating the inflammatory response.


Teraphies and treatments

Related Pathologies

Leucapher performs treatment of selective adsorption of neutrophils, monocytes and a small amount of platelets, in patients suffering from chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, non responder to conventional therapies. Adsorption is guaranteed by the Leukocyte Adsorber (LA25) cartridges, made of highly biocompatible hydrophilic polysulfone.

Thanks to the presence of a pre-dilution system, it is possible to perform outpatient treatments of short duration, using a simple peripheral access, for minimally invasive treatments associated with maximum safety.


  • Minimal invasive peripheral needle treatment
  • High biocompatibility
  • Automatic pre-dilution
  • Scoagulation with citrate or heparin
  • Blood pump flow between 5 and 150 ml/min
  • Complete set of color-coded lines
  • Quick and easy assembly


Thanks to the presence of a peristaltic pump able to work between 5 and 150 ml/min, Leucapher is also designed to perform hemperfusion treatments also with dedicated adsorbent cartridges , including CytoSorb.The reduced pump flows and the automatic pre-flow system make the treatment minimally invasive and allow the use of peripheral needles.

Leucapher Circuit

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