General information

Cookies are small text files used by the user’s device to store data relating to a specific site; Cookies are stored on the user’s device and are examined whenever the user accesses the site again.
The cookies used on this site are standard and are also used to anonymously collect data that helps to improve the site itself, such as visitor navigation statistics.

 Types of cookies
The following are the various types of cookies used on this site, and their purpose.

 – Session management
These cookies are used to simplify site navigation and to use different services within the site; typically their duration is limited to the time in which the browser used by the user remains active, only to be eliminated once the browser is closed. Some cookies may need to stay longer than the single visit made by the browser using the browser.

 – Performance monitoring
To constantly improve our users’ browsing experience, visits are monitored anonymously.

 – Use of features
These cookies store Site preferences, such as newsletter sign-up or customization of site settings (eg preferred language).

Manage cookie preferences
You can choose at any time which cookies to accept and which to reject using the settings of the browser you use (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox …)
Check the “guide” function of your browser to learn more about how to proceed.
Remember that if you do not wish to accept cookies, some of our site’s features may be compromised.
Here is a list of cookie providers on our site:
Google Analytics

In the future, new services including cookies may be added to our site: in this case, we will update the information provided here to offer an explanation.

For more information on the use of cookies, contact us.