In the recent days, we have witnessed the multiplication of cases of Covid-19 infection in Italy and Worldwide.
Although this event should not be dramatized, we know that a percentage of these patients might present possible complications, leading to the admission in ICU, during which extracorporeal circulation support therapies might be often necessary. Adjuvant therapies such as sorbent therapy with CytoSorb can be applied alongside these treatments.
The situation evolves day by day and, both Aferetica in Italy and CytoSorbents in the rest of the World, have received pressing requests for the indications on the possible use of CytoSorb for the treatment of the clinical complications in the patients affected by COVID-19.

Emphasizing once again that CytoSorb Therapy is not a primary therapy for this type of pathology but an adjuvant treatment to limit its complications.

We believe in the importance to provide all the necessary information to the clinicians involved in this battle in order to be able to use this therapeutic tool successfully.