CytoSorbents (USA) and Aferetica announce the European Union’s approval for clinical use of the integrated PerLife® system and the “PerSorb ECOS-300CY ™” sorbent, a ‘transplant bridge’ dedicated to ex vivo perfusion and purification of solid organs, starting with liver and kidney. Clinical application of the system is expected from November, in Italy and internationally.

The number of patients awaiting transplant continues to grow globally: over 150,000 candidates awaiting transplant in Europe alone. 2019 European data saw 41,000 patients receiving solid organ transplants and 48,000 new patients added to waiting lists; about 4% (6,000) died waiting for a transplant. In Italy, despite the enormous progress in recent years, only a third of patients on the waiting list access organ transplantation every year. The goal of this revolutionary integrated therapeutic system is to increase the availability of transplantable organs and the success of transplants – helping to preserve available organs and rehabilitate non-optimal ones – to help meet the growing global demand for organs.

PerLife® is the first system dedicated simultaneously to the perfusion and purification of both the kidney and the liver – after removal and before implantation – making it possible to recover organs that would otherwise not be transplantable and / or to improve the outcome of the transplant. To the advanced integration of patents and innovative technologies – indispensable for the treatment of organs according to all techniques known to date (temperature conservation methods: hypo, normo and subnormothermic) – is added the new sorbent expressly created by CytoSorbents, dedicated to the purification of organs.