CardioSMART plus is a simple multi-therapeutic platform, designed and designed to perform apheretic treatments directly on whole blood in patients suffering from congestive heart failure (CHF):

  • Ultrafiltration
  • Ultrafiltration and Adsorption

The objective of this method is to allow the removal of excess water in these patients, without modifying the intravascular volume with consequent hemodynamic stability. In fact, this type of patients suffering from CHF is periodically subject to accumulations of fluids, due to the diuretic therapy they are subjected to in the medium-long term.


Therapies and treatments

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In ultrafiltration mode, CardioSMART plus performs minimally invasive ultrafiltration treatments, for the treatment of congestive heart failure, in patients refractory to conventional therapies. The equipment allows a rapid and efficient removal of fluids from the intravascular space for the improvement of patients’ symptoms, through peripheral access.

CardioSmart HF

Cardiosmart plus at a glance:

  • Automatic pre-dilution
  • Scoagulation with heparin
  • Limited extracorporeal volumes

  • Automatic treatment management

  • Peripheral access

  • Software user friendly

In the “ultrafiltration and adsorption mode”, CardioSMART performs minimally invasive ultrafiltration and adsorption treatments, for the combination of the removal of liquids from the intravascular space and the adsorption of target molecules with CytoSorb in the critical patient.

CardioSmart HF HP

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