Based on a disruptive technology, the fastest point-of-care sepsis diagnostic platform.

  • Point-of-care diagnostic platform
  • One drop of blood
  • Fluorescently-labeled detecting antibody
  • Nanofluidic immunoassay
  • Time-to-results: 5 minutes
abioScope ®
  • Platform that enables the earliest and point-of-care detection of sepsis in just 5 minutes.

  • abioSCOPE® is able to early identify patients at high risk of sepsis, thanks to the combination of nanofluidic technologies and the detection of a potential sepsis biomarker: the Pancreatic Stone Protein (PSP).
    is an host protein biomarker for identification of patients at risk of infection-related organ dysfunction. It is produced mostly by the acinar cells of the pancreas and its blood level rises in the presence of a remote sepsis-related organ dysfunction.

    PSP allows early identification of sepsis with high sensitivity and specificity.

    The 5 minutes immunoassay test with PSP and abioSCOPE allows to identify sepsis as early as possible, in order to optimize selection and timing of the Antibiotic Treatment.

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