The Kit PerLungs™ Kit is a perfusion and purification circuit dedicated to ex vivo reconditioning of the lung retrieved for transplantation.
Born from a patent of a Kit dedicated to retrieved organ’s conditioning and purification, the PerLungsTM Kit is aimed at:

  • Optimizing lungs reconditioning techniques, in order to increase their suitability;
  • Enabling the combined use of aphaeretic systems, dedicated to the purification of the perfusion liquid from cells and/or molecules responsible for organ deterioration.

The PerLungs™ Kit is composed of a series of elements necessary to lead an optimal lung perfusion: oxygenators, leukocyte/arterial filter and centrifugal pumps. Lung retrieval from donors implies the appearance of an ischemia/reperfusion injury, typical of this situation, and potentially able to compromise organ’s function. The lungs are perfused with specific solutions, conceived to support their metabolic requirements, then oxygenated and purified through the application of filters and cartridges capable of eliminating from blood all the substances responsible for organs deterioration. The application of adsorption devices able to purify the perfusion liquid, represents the core of the system. Numerous scientific evidences underline the role played by a series of substances, including inflammatory mediators, developed during the ischemia time and circulating in the blood during the reperfusion time, potentially able to compromise organs function and to cause irreversible injuries.1,2,3 The adsorption of these inflammatory mediators can be significantly important for organs recovery and to improve transplantation outcome.

The PerLungs™ Kit is designed to meet the needs of the user and to allow the application in combination with any extracorporeal circuit.

  • Sterile and pyrogen-free circuit, compatible with systems for EVLP (Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion);

  • Circuit with paediatric components (oxygenator, reservoir), in order to reduce the extracorporeal volume;

  • Ergonomic and user friendly, pre-assembled circuit;

  • Compatible with any adsorption/filtration system.

PerLungs Circuit

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