“Sudden Hearing Loss: idiopathic pathology characterized by accumulation of substances responsible for microcirculation’s degeneration. Plasmapheresis may be used to improve capillary circulation.”

Sudden hearing loss is a symptom related to cochlear damage. It is characterized by a loss of neurosensory hearing– from moderate to severe – which occurs suddenly, within a few hours, or upon awakening.
The initial hearing loss is typically unilateral and with a mild to deep severity range. Many patients experience tinnitus, other dizziness, dizziness, or both. The estimated incidence is 20 cases per 10,000 inhabitants, per country per year.

Ethiology is idiopathic. Some speculate that it is related to viral infections, microcirculation disorders, allergic reactions and autoimmune disorders. Although there are many questions to solve, there is a common opinion that correlates the pathology to the presence of cochlear microcirculation disorders.

Treatment involves the administration of drugs, physiotherapy and re-education, lifestyle change and plasmapheresis, with the intent to quickly and selectively eliminate that range of substances that compromise the smooth functioning of the microcirculation.

  • Molecules to be removed:
    LDL; lipoprotein α; Von Willebrand factor; fibrinogen

  • Suggested Therapies:
    DFPP, Cascade Filtration

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