Evaflux fractionators are dedicated to the semi-selective purification of the patient’s plasma. The different pore sizes of fractionators allow for semi – selective removal of target molecules, based on their molecular weight.

The different pore sizes of the filters allow to remove mainly substances of high molecular weight (IgM, fibrinogen, LDL etc.), returning to the patient other physiologically useful components characterized by a lower molecular weight, including most albumin.

Grafico filtri
See the Plasmapher Apherlungs solution

The filters can be used  used in combination with Plasmapher/Apherlungs equipment, which automatically manages all stages of treatment and regeneration of the fractionator filter column, by increasing its performance.Plasma addressed to the fractionator filter can be obtained, in the case of Double filtration Plasmapheresis (DFPP), by plasma filter or, in the case of cascade filtration (CF), by cell separator.

EVAFLUX fractionator filter

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